The World of Icosa


A wizard by the name of Rem travels into the world of the Megahertz to delve a dungeon populated by his own troubles.

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> Magic in the World of Icosa

> Theology Part I: The Arrival

> 1d20 Far-Future, Post-Post Apocalyptic “Magic” Swords

> 1d20 Far-Future, Post-Post Apocalyptic Ruins to Explore


Icosa is a broken, dying world, twisted by the magic of the Outsiders and exhausted by time.

The Gods, or Outsiders, as many in Icosa know them, have abandoned the world and returned to the scattered stars beyond the firmament whence they came. They have left behind a world in ruin, littered with the wreckage of their so-called eternal kingdom. The fading memory of the Age of Attendance, when the Gods walked the earth, is now nearly as distant as the mythical Deep Past, before the Outsiders ever arrived.

In most parts of the world, civilization is a fairy tale; only the savage law of nature is observed. Engineering, metallurgy, chemistry—all forgotten arts, the domains of esoteric orders of monks and alchemists. What crops can still be coaxed out of the changed earth are strange, and yields are meager. Even the people have changed; a terrible Curse hangs over the world, the legacy of the absent Gods, and it warps everything it touches—flora, fauna, water, weather, and even humanity itself. This world is approaching its end.

Ruiners trawl the high-tech wreckage of the Age of Attendance, seeking the wealth and divine artifacts left behind by the Outsiders. Wizards study these arcane artifacts, coveting their power and jealously guarding their secrets. Meanwhile, the Last Church, sworn enemy of all wizards, imposes its artificial theology upon the wasteland, fixing dogma and punishing heresy as they explore the Hells in search of divine knowledge. In the West, the Black Hands dogmatically disassemble and reassemble salvaged machinery and forge high-tolerance parts by hand, fighting to preserve the lost knowledge of engine maintenance. On the wings of this ancient wisdom, Ailerons fly above it all in their precious airplanes, selling their talent to the highest bidder.

The mighty kings of Kampennen and the lowliest Accursed slave will all return to the same irradiated earth in time. But while they walk above it, taking their turn at existence, they are windows through which we can look in on the strange World of Icosa.

The World of Icosa is a science-fantasy setting inspired by the genre-bending chaos of Heavy Metal, Gamma World, Thundarr the Barbarian, and Caves of Qud. After all, why shouldn’t robots, wizards, and mutants inhabit the same world? Why shouldn’t barbarians fly planes, and why shouldn’t knights get abducted by aliens? The World of Icosa began as a custom setting for a tabletop RPG campaign. In that world, manifested through graphite lines and cast dice, many stories have been told, and many characters have lived and died. For the author and for many who have lived stories in this world, it feels like a very real place with an existence of its own. This is an effort to expand this world beyond the realms of our physical and digital tabletops and transform it into something that can be enjoyed by others, through artwork, writing, comics, and more. And of course, as Icosa was born of the table and the dice, it would only be right for it to find its way back to them. All are welcome to scrape this setting for characters, locations, and items for use in their own games. Just have fun, and let us know how it goes!