Greetings from Irth

Welcome, and may the Outsiders bless you.

You have found the official website of Studio Passerine, a one-man operation devoted to telling weird stories and not much else.

This project is motivated by dissatisfaction and obsession: obsession with the weird, genre-defying fusions of science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and psychadelica found in classic works like Heavy Metal, Gamma World, and Thundarr the Barbarian; dissatisfaction with the relative lack of contemporary projects in this vein.

Well, somebody’s gotta do it. While I may not be the perfect person for the job, I do enjoy it from time to time. So I’ll throw my hat in with the few mind-blowingly rad folks who are at the front lines, making the kind of content I can’t get enough of.

On this website, as well as on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, my hope is to supply my fair share of Weird Fiction to whoever wants some in the form of artwork, stories, and supplemental content for my oldest and most faithful companion: table-top role-playing games.

More to come.

“Thou hast traveled far, pilgrim. But a much longer road yet lies ahead. So rest at this wayside fire for a time, and pray that the Outsiders bless thy path.”

Mozo, Polyhedron Mage

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